Rochester Private Property Towing

Harding's Towing II provides private property owners, managers and tenants with quality reliable impound towing services. Our goal is not to create tension between parkers and property managers but to achieve parking compliance. When performed correctly, tenants, customers and apartment complex residents are provided with convenient access to parking areas intended for their use.

Harding's Towing II can help you effectively communicate and enforce your parking rights to ensure the needs of your customers and tenants are being met. We provide private property towing services for shopping centers, office buildings, high schools, colleges, residential complexes and municipalities.

Business and property owners may restrict parking on private property to help keep spaces available for its intended users, prevent overnight parking or remove illegal or abandoned vehicles and equipment. As part of our impound towing services, they are available to meet with the management of any property, do an on-site inspection in order to identify violator hot spots, implement signage compliant with NY Statutes in regards to vehicle removal and legally keep your property free of unwanted vehicles at no charge to the property owners or management.

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